We offer development services

Once you have narrowed down on an idea (i.e. what to do), second question is how to do it and who will do it.

We work with architects and developers who have experience in tech industry and cutting edge startups for decades. We understand where the technology is headed and how we can develop an application with right architecture.

Once we figure out how to do it, we use offshore more affordable developers to develop the application.

Or you can develop

Of course, if you are a developer or have developers, you can do it yourself too. The only consideration here is that the technology has to be compatible with AppCafe platform so it can be deployed on AppCafe.

We have documented how our platform works in docs but, in short, think of AppCafe as a namespace inside a kubernetes cluster. If you can create a helm chart for your application that can be deployed inside a kubernetes namespace, it should be generally compatible with AppCafe platform.